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Buy a Box of Cereal, Wave Your Rights Goodbye

Which Starbucks brew big US cities like best:

Dark: Seattle, Boston, Memphis, and Minneapolis

Medium: New York, San Francisco, Portland, and Phoenix.

Light: Chicago, Philadelphi, Denver, Tampa, San Antonio, and Charlotte

He said he has “culinary ADD,” hence the reason for introducing “fish duets.” The duet is where diners can order two half-portions of fish for $28. It’s a brilliant idea.

“Even if I’m at Le Bernardin, halfway through my fish—and it’s great fish—I’m a little bored. … A lot of people seem to share my disease of ADD and everybody digs [the fish duets],” Perley said.

Le Pescadeux, Where Fish Duets and Personality Unite

First things first. Le Pescadeux is a made-up word and doesn’t mean anything. But get on board. It’s a delicious journey.

The captain of the ship is Mr. Gregarious, aka Chuck Perley, with an actor’s big personality and a Canadian’s down-to-earth demeanor. 

He’s apt to call you “my darling” on the first meeting and attributes his civic virtues (like paying the bills on time) to his Canadian heritage.

I don’t want to demonize cream, butter, sugar and eggs.
White House chef quits because the Obamas want to replace sugar with applesauce and that’s just too much for him

"Where do you ski?"

is apparently one of the most popular follow-up questions to a “hello” in Colorado

In Colorado, it’s “Where do you ski? (hike/mountain bike/fish)?”  And it’s never asked after noon on Friday because everybody is already en route.

lol and this one explains a lot

From the Bay area"What will we be eating?/what smells great?/what did you bring?" (Long conversation follows about similar things eaten)

There’s no event too small that doesn’t encourage us to eat.
 Dr. Yoni Freedhoff,  obesity expert, EvidenceNetwork.ca [x]
Another method of hiding the message was printed in the surface of mooncakes as a simple puzzle or mosaic. To read the encrypted message, each of the four mooncakes packaged together must be cut into four parts each. The 16 pieces of mooncake, must then be pieced together in such a fashion that the secret messages can be read. The pieces of mooncake are then eaten to destroy the message.

Google crunches data on munching in office

Why Tribes In Sudan Are Killing Each Other Over An Ingredient Found In Soda And Chewing Gum